I trust that the majority of you enjoyed your summer, even if it was near impossible to do any outdoor activities in this record breaking heat wave! School is starting for kids all around town, the weather is showing signs of returning to normal and better yet our SPE Technical Luncheons will begin soon. With each season comes changes and the same is true for our local SPE section. We have, as every year, elected
new members to the executive committee and they have graciously accepted the role. Molly Boyd is now our Vice Chairman/Programs, Michael Whitten has joined us as Secretary and Rita Behm has agreed to serve as our Treasurer. If you see these individuals please take a moment to thank them for all they do to make our organization one of the best in the industry.

I am excited to be leading the Mid-Continent section of SPE this year and hope to work with my fellow committee members to make our section the best that it can be. We are already off to a great start this year thanks to Molly Boyd who has lined up some great speakers for our technical luncheons. Our first luncheon was held on September 19th and our speaker was Distinguished Lecturer Jennifer Julian with BP speaking about BP's work in Prudhoe Bay. We were very lucky to have Jennifer present to us to kick off the season. Also, please make note that due to the closing of the Petroleum Club this summer we will be holding monthly luncheon events at The Summit Club, located at 6th and Boulder.

As a reminder, our annual Sporting clays tournament will be taking place on October 28th and will be held at Longshot Ranch. Registration information can be found on our website www.spemc.org. This is a great event that always fills up fast so get your registrations in early!

Jonathan Bush
2011 – 2012 Chairman