As we approach another season of Mid-Continent Section activities, it is fitting that we congratulate Philip Johnson for his leadership and hard work to bring our section to the forefront of all the SPE Sections worldwide. Philip leads us into a new decade, the end of which will mark our 100th anniversary. His efforts to promote the 90 for 90 Scholarship Program will help secure engineering education assistance for 30 deserving students who may not have been able to afford the opportunity otherwise.

Philip promoted the upgrade of our section web site which now serves as an invaluable information tool used by many to learn about our section, sign up for events and to view our speaker's Power Point presentations.

2008 marks the 90th anniversary of the Mid-Continent Section. In recognition of that milestone, Philip promoted the celebration with the "Party of all Parties" at Gilcrease Museum on May 2, the highlight was a video produced locally. The video covered the colorful history of the Mid-Continent Section dating back to it's inception.

These accomplishments remind us that we have a challenge before us that will offer great rewards in terms of value added to our profession. The college students that major in engineering need to be exposed to the technological and social benefits of our section. They, of course, have their own student section, but I would like to extend to them an invitation to participate in our Young Professional group and to attend our luncheons and hear the latest in technological advances occurring in our industry. It is our roll as experienced engineers to be mentors to these students who, one day, will be embracing the newest technology associated with drilling, well completions, production engineering reservoir engineering, and environmental responsibility and safety.

I'm excited about the prospect of the Mid-Continent Section for 2008-2009 and invite you to participate in as many SPE activities as your time allows. I appreciate all the support, help, and advice that I've received in the past. I'm looking forward to another year beginning with the annual Fall Roundup, many informative luncheons, short courses, and a growing membership. I will see you all at the first luncheon on September 11, 2008.

Buck Walsh
2008 – 2009 Chairman
592-7361 Phone