The past five weeks have gone by so quickly, it's hard to believe that we're about to have our third luncheon meeting. It's obvious that this year will pass before us like a flash given our workload and busy schedules.

This fall season is already presenting an interesting business environment. With the Presidential Election nearing, the oil price now below $100/bbl, and some major banks and financial institutions are struggling with a state of insolvency, one wonders what effect these events will have on our oil & gas industry. Stay tuned for another wild ride. My sense is that we've all been through questionable times before and we all found a way to survive.

I'm proud to have served this industry and I look forward to many good times to come. My hat is off to the SPE for providing opportunities for volunteers to serve in the effort to further the transfer of technology to engineers locally and around the world. It's gratifying to me to think that I assisted someone in becoming a member, or helped a student further his/her education. I believe serving in SPE is not about furthering your own agenda, but helping others find opportunities to learn and to help them focus on their professional development.

The Annual Technical Conference and Exhibition was September 21-24, in Denver. It's been several years since I've been to an ATCE. I renewed old acquaintances and met new people from other sections. I'm pleased to announce that the Mid-Continent Section had three members that received National Awards at the Wednesday luncheon in Denver. They are: Betty Felber, SPE Distinguished Member Award, Ken Oglesby, SPE Distinguished Service Award, and Dr. James Brill, SPE DeGolyer Distinguished Service Medal. On behalf of the entire Section, I applaud each of these recipients and congratulate them on their outstanding service to SPE.

Buck Walsh
2008 – 2009 Chairman
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