Cool weather is here, and the holidays are just around the corner. Our section’s technical program has been going well. On October 27, Chad Roller, VP Development, Mid-Con Energy, gave a good talk on Mid-Con’s waterflood operations with an emphasis on Northeast Oklahoma. We had a good turnout at the luncheon, and Chad’s talk was very well received. Thank you, Chad, for taking the time to put together and deliver your presentation.

We held a joint meeting with the Geophysical Society of Tulsa on November 7. Mirko van der Baan, an SEG distinguished lecturer, gave a presentation about induced seismicity in North America. We had 38 attendees from the Mid-Continent Section. I look forward to coordinating with other local professional organizations for events in the future.

Our section celebrated its 100th anniversary on October 26 at the Gilcrease Museum. The event was very well attended, and a number of legion of honor members were there. Speakers for the evening were Janeen Judah, Ralph Veatch and Randy Foutch. I enjoyed attending and hosting the event—it was a lot of fun to see all the SPEMC members that turned out. Thanks to Buck Walsh and the members of the planning committee: Mark Carr, Doug Norton, Hap Pinkerton, Al Smith, Jerry Russell, Ralph Veatch and Bob Williams. Buck also went to ATCE in San Antonio where there was a reception commemorating the 100th anniversary of the Mid-Continent Section.

Our second luncheon for the month of November will be held November 15. We will be hosting an SPE Distinguished Lecturer, Robert Lestz. His presentation is titled “Fracturing Without a Drop of Water – Lessons Learned Fracturing With LPG”. This luncheon will take place at the Summit Club. Please make sure to register ahead of time.


Nathan Buchanan
2017-2018 Chairman