The holidays are just around the corner and 2008 will be here before we know it. If you’re like me, the oilfield keeps you busy. One onvenient way to stay in-the-know on all Mid-Continent SPE activities is with our new website,, with more and upto-
date information. Luncheon announcements, upcoming events, past newsletters, etc. are all available with just a click of the mouse. Go to for online registration for the 16th Improved Oil Recovery Conference scheduled for April 19th through 23rd. Staying with the internet theme, is another great resource for member contact information, technical papers, and more.

My past two gavels have focused on our section’s history. In this gavel, let’s look forward. The following graph is from SPE International’s website.

As one can see, the number of younger people entering the industry is increasing but not replacing those nearing retirement age. The oilfield needs more petroleum engineers. The demand is evident, the supply is scarce. In that vein, the Mid-Continent Section of SPE, will award $42,000 of scholarships for the 2007-2008 academic year alone. Moreover, many of our members spend time on and off campus mentoring or even teaching petroleum engineering students at the University of Tulsa. You can be proud of the Mid-Continent
section for its philanthropy and know that your support makes this possible.

Philip Johnson
2007 – 2008 Chairman
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