Here it is, May 2017, and time for me to write my final note as chairman of the section. As I mentioned last month, May 5th is the deadline for nominating a fellow SPE member to run for the following positions: Secretary, Treasurer, Program Chair, Chairman, or a Director. I encourage you to review the job descriptions for each position here: Also, please make sure the person you nominate is willing and able to serve the Section in the position you nominate them for – we will also need a short biography sketch of the candidate to publish with the ballots. Again, the deadline for nominations AND bio’s is May 5th.

I hope that you will actively participate in the Section by doing your part to nominate people and then vote! We have done the voting electronically since 2011 and it really is a quick and easy process, so imagine my disappointment when I found out earlier this week that only about 5% of you take the time to vote! (Since you’re curious engineers, the percentage of voters has stayed flat despite the drop in membership that took place with the downturn in 2015). I’d like to see each position have multiple candidates this year and double our voting percentages. As you know, the more you participate, the better off we all are!

As we take a break from luncheons until fall, many of the committee chairs will be working over the summer - planning the 100-year anniversary celebration, the golf tournament, the sporting clay tournament, and contacting speakers for next year. Please help these folks out if they contact you.

Finally, I want to thank the current officers, directors, and committee chairs for their service this year. Many of them have put in numerous hours to plan events, schedule luncheons, award scholarships, publish newsletters, etc. If you see them around, please join me in thanking them.

Thank you,

Molly Boyd
2016-2017 Chairman