Greetings All,

It is amazing how quickly this year has passed! May is already here!

In April we were lucky to have two wonderful speakers. Our Distinguished Lecturer, Mr. Brian Gahan, discussed the upcoming technology of perforating with lasers. It is great to see people pushing the envelope with technology we already possess. What else can we do to further our industry by thinking outside of the box? The opportunities are endless. We also had Mr. Gary Bing Wines speak about the Professional Engineering registration process. His insight is definitely going to be invaluable for those wanting to take the test in the future. May 6th is our last luncheon of the season. Mr. Greg Gilfillan with Baker Hughes will be discussing ESPs and their technology improvements. I hope to see you all there!

It is time to start thinking about our officer elections! If you are interested in becoming more involved with the Mid-Continent SPE Chapter, or know someone who is, please shoot me or any of the other officers an email. Nominations close on May 7th. We already have some nominations in, and I’m so glad that this chapter is so involved.

It has been an absolute pleasure serving you these past months and I wish you the very best.

Kind Regards,

Ashley Jorishie
2014-2015 Chairman