The February luncheon had a tremendous turnout. Steven Jones spoke to a sold out crowd with his presentation “Estimating Reservoir Pressure from Early Flowback Data." The presentation was well accepted by all who attended. Please join us for this month’s luncheon which will be held on March 16th at the Summit Club. Dan Themig will present on his topic “Effectiveness of Isolation Using Solid Body Packers to Dramatically Affect Ultimate Recoveries." Due to the downturn in the industry, we are looking to extend a free invitation to those who are currently unemployed. Please look for more details before the March luncheon.

The University of Tulsa’s SPE Student Chapter Networking Dinner was held on February 18 at the Gilcrease Museum. We had an excellent turnout with 42 students and 43 industry professionals in attendance. I appreciate everyone’s involvement in the event, for I feel that it is our duty to ensure the future of our industry which largely lies in the hands of the bright graduates such as those at the University of Tulsa. I ask that we all think outside the box in how we can incorporate these graduates in our companies in today’s environment.

We held the February YPE event at the Main Event on February 24th. We had a great turnout and every event brings new faces to meet. Please join us for our March event. Details will be sent out within the next week. Please email me at if you would like your name added to the email list.

The IOR Conference is fast approaching. It will be held at the Cox Business Center in downtown Tulsa April 9-13. Please sign up and secure your spot at this year’s event. I think it is important to note the significance of the IOR Committee and conference to the Mid-Continent SPE Chapter. Over 90% of our funding comes from this event which helps fuel our scholarship program, SPE national contributions, as well as our social and fiscal interactions with our designated University chapters. This year alone we gave out $120,000 in scholarships, and we will strive to continue this support to our future industry professionals. On behalf of the SPE Chapter, we are extremely thankful for this event and for those who make it happen.


Victor Jordan
2015-2016 Chairman