Spring is almost here and I'm hopeful that our industry can weather this storm of low oil & gas prices and eventually be active again by mid year. In the meantime, we can reevaluate costs to drill & complete and carefully select the projects that will yield the most bang for the buck. Good luck to all of you who are hard at work maintaining your company's profitability and strengthening the bottom line.

There are a few events that are coming up soon that I want to remind you about. First, we will be having a Distinguished Lecturers speaking on May 14.

The University of Tulsa SPE Student Night is slated for Tuesday, March 24. Richard Spears of Spears & Associates will speak on how the economic downturn has effected oilfield drilling & service costs and what the future holds.

Finally, the Board of Directors just approved the Steel Challenge Pistol Competition as Young Professional's annual fundraiser event. That will be May 1. More details will follow.

In closing, I encourage you all to seek out business acquaintances and colleagues who would want to join SPE. The new "One Member at a Time" membership contest is in full swing and you could be a winner of a $200 gift card if you recommend and sign up new members between now and August 31, 2009. Check the section web site for further details. It is www.spemc.org.

Thank you to every member of this section for your time and interest in making the Mid-Continent Section the number one section in the world. Keep up the good work.

Buck Walsh
2008 – 2009 Chairman
592-7361 Phone