I hope and trust that everyone had an enjoyable Holiday Season. I would also like to welcome everyone into the new decade. 2010…wow, it just sounds funny to say, doesn't it? I certainly hope that everyone can find time, in the midst of fulfilling their New Year's Resolutions at their local gym, to attend our January SPE luncheons.

I want to make a special announcement regarding the meeting on Thursday, January 28th. At that time we will be honoring this year's class of "Legion of Honor". A personmust maintain 50 consecutive years of SPE membership to become a recipient. The Mid-Continent section is fortunate enough to have 8 such persons qualify in 2010, their names are listed below.

Finally, I would like to bring the upcoming SPE Awards season into the focus of the section. Awards nominations have been an area lacking in our section over the past few years, and the board is making an effort to make this a priority once again. We have a lot of talented and deserving professionals and instructors in our section, and they should be recognized as such. The board will be distributing information
through email and at meeting over the next two months to educate our members regarding the various awards. Please take a moment to identify a worthy colleague and submit his or her name to the SPE-MC Board. We will do all of the legwork in preparing the official nominations…we just need you to give us the name.

Stay warm and have a great January.

Erik Block
2009 – 2010 Chairman
591-1531 Phone


Please remember to come help us honor these gentlemen for their 50 years of dedication at our luncheon on Thursday, January 28th:
Mr. Ralph L. Buckley
Mr. Dwight L Dauben
Mr. Howard H Ferrell
Mr. H R Froning
Mr. H. Boyd Howard
Mr. James H Kelly
Mr. Gordon L Romine
Mr. J. D Stahl