The SPE Mid-Continent Section is starting off 2015 right! It was great seeing everyone at the Summit Club for our second Distinguished Lecturer for this term, Mr. Joe Frantz Jr. With oil prices what they are at the moment, I thought it was perfect timing to discuss the implications that technology, governments, regulators, academia, and the public have on the world’s energy supply and demand equation. Though I do not personally work in shale, I saw a lot of similarities regarding the challenges that we face here in Oklahoma.

February 18th brings us Mr. Jerry Fritsch who will be discussing Solid Expandables at the Summit Club. For those of us in operations, this will be a great talk on re-fracing opportunities and wells with casing integrity issues and some equipment used to aide in those projects. I hope to see you all there!

As a reminder on the Distinguished Lecturer Program, if anyone has someone in mind that they think would be a great candidate for the program, please visit the following website: . Nominations are open from February 1 – March 15.

We are continually looking for feedback or ideas for upcoming events, so please don’t be afraid to shoot any of the board members an email! We are here to serve you!

Kind Regards,

Ashley Jorishie
2014-2015 Chairman