We have two technical luncheons lined up for February and you won’t want to miss them.

Mark McLane, with Rose and Associates, will be presenting February 2nd on the topic “Methods for Aggregating Reserves and How They Affect Small and Large Companies Differently”. This luncheon will be very beneficial to all industry members involved in reserves estimation.

On February 16th our very own Dwight Rychel, Chairman of the 2010 IOR, will be presenting “Carbon Capture and CO2 EOR Storage.” Mr.. Rychel will be presenting for PTTC which is representing the Permian Basin CCUS Center. Please check our website at www.spemc.org for more information and registration links. Remember to register early to provide the best experience for all those involved.

If you are a SPE Mid-Continent Member you should also be receiving regular Luncheon Meeting Reminders and other important announcements in your e-mail inbox. If you are not receiving these it is likely due to one of two things. The first possibility
is not having an e-mail address on file with SPE International or it being outdated information (job change, e-mail change, etc). A second possibility is that you may not be listed as being a member of SPE Mid-Continent. All of our distribution lists are based on these two criteria. We are unable to change this information for you. Please visit www.spe.org/mbrservices/index.cfm and ensure your contact information is up-to- date and Section is set to “Mid-Continent.”


Jonathan Bush
2011 – 2012 Chairman