I'd like to give a special thanks to our sectional SPE membership. You guys have really come out in full force in 2010. Obviously, Earl Logan is doing a great job of lining up speakers that are of particularly high regional interest. I'd just like to remind everyone once again that pre-registering makes it much easier to coordinate with the Petroleum Club. And for the first time, pre-registration isn't just for the sake of the board; we had to start a waiting list for the January 28th luncheon. You can register by e-mailing Daena Miller at miller@tulsa.oilfield.slb.com or register via credit card through the website.

- The Mid Continent Section is continuing is strong commitment to scholarship donations for the 2010 - 2011 school year. If you know of a graduation high school senior or undergraduate student majoring in the sciences, please let us know. Information can be found on our website, www.speior.org.

- Remember to register for the 2010 Improved Oil Recovery Symposium to be held at the Renaissance Hotel in Tulsa from April 24th through the 28th. Please visit www.speior.org for more information.

- The section is trying to make a push for awards this year. We have a few nominations, but we need more. I'm sure many of us know someone deserving in one of the eight technical disciplines. Please check www.spe.org/about/honors/regional_awards.php

for more information and send a nominees contact information to Dr. Kelkar (mohan@utulsa.edu). Nominations are due by February 15th.
Happy Valentine's Day to all you love birds out there. I hope to see you at the next luncheon.

Erik Block
2009 – 2010 Chairman
591-1531 Phone