As we conclude the first month of 2009, I'm reminded of a quote by Albert Einstein. He said, "I never think of the future; it will come soon enough". I think I'm going to adopt that thinking and quit worrying about what oil & gas prices will do in the next 12 months. The next 12 months will come and go and prices will be what they will be and we will live with it and go about our business making the best of the situation at hand. Hang in there, as they say.

On February 5, we will honor those members of our section who have completed 50 years of service to SPE. Eight members will be awarded the Legion of Honor Award, two of them posthumously. They are:

Robert Huggins
Lawrence Keel
Charlie Stephenson
John Vogel
Bob Burlingame
Tom Stanton
John Eibeck (deceased)
Raymond Blohm (deceased)

I'm personally in awe at what these men have accomplished and I'm grateful to them for the advances in technology that they themselves have pioneered and left for us to use in our daily quest to improve the recovery of fossil energy. Please be at the luncheon on February 5 to help me honor these pioneers of our industry.

In closing, I encourage you all to seek out business acquaintances and colleagues who would want to join SPE. The new "One Member at a Time" membership contest is in full swing and you could be a winner of a $200 gift card if you recommend and sign up new members between now and August 31, 2009. Check the section web site for further details. It is

Thank you to every member of this section for your time and interest in making the Mid-Continent Section the number one section in the world. Keep up the good work.

Buck Walsh
2008 – 2009 Chairman
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