On January 15th, the Young Professionals group hosted a monthly social at Riverlanes Bowling with approximately 35 in attendance. YP outings are great networking and soon to be educational opportunities focusing on those thirty-five years or younger. Everyone, however, is welcome.

I would like to thank Ralph Veatch for his excellent talk on "A Historical Perspective of Hydraulic Fracturing" held on January 17th. Ralph mixed humor and history to paint a picture of an evolving industry. Just as the oilfield has evolved technologically, we as engineers can do the same through continuing education. On February 14th, the Mid-Continent section is hosting a short course titled, “Tubing Movement and Packer
.” This short course is an introduction to how tubing strings are affected by pressure, temperature, and mechanical changes based on various well conditions, tubingto- packer-to-casing configurations, and tubing restraint. See below for more information.

The University of Tulsa provides many opportunities for continuing education for both engineers and engineering technicians. Please visit www.cese.utulsa.edu for more information.


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