Greetings! We are starting to wrap up our 2013-2014 year. Thanks to all that attended our annual appreciation event this year. The Nineteenth Semi-annual SPE Improved Oil Recovery Symposium kicks off April 12-16th in Tulsa, Oklahoma. We look forward to seeing you there. Go to for more details. Student night again falls in April this year with Hugh Thompson from Edward Jones speaking. Please join us on April 22 along with members of our student section. Our next talk is April 24th by David N. Harry with RockWater Energy Solutions over “Produced Water Quality Characteristics Which Detrimentally Effect Fracturing Fluid Performance and Methods to Address Them.” May 1st, our current SPE president, Jeff Spath is visiting the Mid-Continent section and will be speaking over SPE’s future in collaboration with industry as reservoirs become more challenging to discover and produce. Go to to see more detail for more details.

Rita Behm
2013 - 2014 Chairman