Our April technical luncheon, held on April 5th, was a great success. Bill Duncan and Craig Caldwell with Cimarex Energy presented “Woodford Shale Anadarko Basin – Completion Optimization and Geology (Go together like peas and carrots)”. The past year has been a busy one for exploration of the Woodford and with declining gas prices we can use all the knowledge and tips we can get our hands on for completions in this hot play.

Student Night will be held on Monday, April 16th at the University of Tulsa. Mark Mathis, director and producer of the movie “spoiled” will discuss “Going Around Hollywood: spOILed’s Rough Ride to Theaters.” This event will be held in the Allen Chapman Activity Center, in the Gallery and serves as our annual coordinated meeting with the University of Tulsa’s student SPE chapter. Attending this event will give you the chance to get to know some of the future graduates of the TU McDougall School of Petroleum Engineering. They will be working alongside us in the industry before you know it.

We will soon be holding our annual elections with vacancies that will need to be filled in the 2012 – 2013 season. Positions available are Treasurer and five Section Directors. Earl Logan, our Nominations Chairman is taking nominations for these positions. If you would be interested or would like to recommend a colleague contact Earl at 918-560-7142 or elogan@cimarex.com.

Jonathan Bush
2011 – 2012 Chairman