I am proud to be a part of an industry that provides energy to our great nation; however, with the price of oil reaching $100 per barrel, I think we all get a little nervous about government interference and a public backlash. We must remind our friends and family (when the topic comes up because it will) that the price of oil is cyclical in nature; moreover, American petroleum companies (or any public energy company for that matter) do not control the price of oil. The fact of the matter is that national oil companies (namely those that form OPEC) and the weak dollar are dictating the high prices. The solution: a practical national energy policy. Increases in automobile fuel efficiency, conversion of fleet vehicles to natural gas, and economic encouragement for our nation’s small independents will work wonders. Biofuels and other politically popular solutions will not meet demand and are actually more damaging to the environment according to recent articles in newspapers like the New York Times.

We are quickly approaching national elections that will have significant implications for our nation and industry. Please choose carefully when deciding on your candidate. Also, spread the word about the good that American petroleum companies do for our country. We may never truly achieve energy independence, but we can be much less dependent.

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